The Workshop on Radiation Monitoring for the International Space Station (WRMISS) has been held annually since 1996. The major purpose of WRMISS is to provide a forum for discussion on technical issues concerning radiation dosimetry aboard the International Space Station and other spacecraft. This includes discussion of new results, improved instrumentation, detector calibration, and radiation environment and transport models. The goal of WRMISS is to enhance international efforts to provide the best information on the space radiation environment in low-Earth orbit and on the exposure of astronauts and cosmonauts in order to optimize the radiation safety of space crew.

 The 16th Annual WRMISS will be hosted by Faculty of Nuclear Sciences and Physical Engineering, Czech Technical University in Prague together with Department of Radiation Dosimetry, Nuclear Physics Institute, ASCR in Prague, Czech Republic on 6-8 September 2011. The invitation poster is attached.

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